Friday, March 29, 2013

Granddaddy Days

Lily loves spending time with her Granddaddy, and she especially relishes her weekly afternoon visits with him.  He picks her up from school, and before they can leave, they must make their rounds to visit some of Lily's special former teachers.  After he convinces her that they really do need to be heading on towards home and Momma, they load up in the truck and make the short trip home.  Occasionally they make a stop to play at the playground or park.  Once home, Lily enjoys a sweet treat that Granddaddy always brings for her.  And she basks in Granddaddy's attention, showing him her recent school work or her latest dance moves.  Sometimes they play games together, and sometimes we just sit and talk.  We enjoy being together.  It is good.

Here are some pictures from our most recent Granddaddy day.  Invigorated by the new Spring weather, we enjoyed playing in the yard (while trying to get Granddaddy to stay just a little bit longer).  And then Rose finally awoke from her 2+ hour nap (woohoo!), and Granddaddy had to get her sugar before he could leave.

 I treasure this time we have together.

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