Friday, March 15, 2013


I am thankful my husband is a musician. Mostly because he loves it so, and making music makes him happy. But also because I enjoy listening to good music. It's fabulous listening to great, live music in the comfort of my own home when one of Adrian's bands practices here. Lily loves to watch and listen, too, when she gets the chance. 

When Lily was a baby, she and I loved going to music classes such as Musikgarden and Kindermusik. Now she makes music at home on various instruments such as harmonica, shakers, glockenspiel, and most recently, drums... And she enjoys singing.  When she was about three, she would sing along with Bob Marley's “Stir It Up,” except she would say, “serious” for “stir it up.”  One day we will start piano, and perhaps down the road she will pick up another instrument as well.  How wonderful to be able to really play an instrument.

Baby Lily at Music Class, June 2008

Rose also loves music. Every time she hears Adrian playing drums or banjo, or a song on the stereo, or even me singing, she starts bopping along to the tune. It's precious.One day I will take Rose to a music class, when I can make it work with her nap schedule. For now, I've decided that we are going to have “Musical Mornings” as part of our routine. For the future, I envision a whole family music time, where we sing and make music together. It's going to be good.

Rose Moving to the Music

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